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Draw Attention images are only as big as the container that holds them, and only as big as their original image size. As it turns out, it is difficult to make the image larger. If you need to stretch the image to “cover” the section, you’ll need to rely on the theme or page builder to make a full width interactive image.

WordPress Block Editor

If you’re using the WordPress block editor to build your page, there is a workaround that can be done with this.

You must first create a Group block.

Locating the group block

Then, change its alignment to Full Width.

Changing the group block to full width

And insert the Draw Attention image within the Group.

Inserting the Draw Attention image within the group

FullWidth Template Plugin

You can also use the Fullwidth template plugin to create pages with a full width that will allow your Draw Attention images to fit the container.

First, install and activate the plugin.

Install and activate the FullWidth template plugin

Then, go ahead and edit your page or post to use the FW Fullwidth template.

FW Fullwidth Template

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