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From time to time, you may find that you need to move your interactive image to another site or WordPress installation. Luckily, we have a feature that allows you to import and export your interactive images and retain the hotspots’ coordinates. Importing and exporting interactive images has never been easier.

Step 1: Navigate to Import / Export

Head to your WordPress Admin dashboard and navigate to where it says Draw Attention in the sidebar.

Within this section, you’ll find the Import / Export feature.

Locate the import/export feature under Draw Attention in WordPress Admin

Step 2: Select Images

If you have created multiple interactive images, you will find a list of your interactive images with checkboxes next to them.

Select the interactive images you would like to export by simply clicking each checkbox.

Choose the interactive images to export

Step 3: Retrieve Export Code

Click the Generate Export Code button, and select and highlight the code. Copy the code to your clipboard.

Export code generated

Step 4: Importing

On the new site or WordPress installation, navigate to the WordPress dashboard and head on over to Draw Attention > Import / Export.

Once the page loads, paste the code from the last step into the Import box. Then, click the Import button to transfer it over.

Importing the export code

Step 5: Upload Image

The image itself will not transfer over, so you will need to re-upload your image. All of your hotspots and associated content with the hotspots will appear as expected once it has been uploaded.

Head on over to Draw Attention > All Images and select the interactive image that you have just imported.

Once it’s opened, head to the Image section and upload your image.

Upload the image or use an image from the media library

You have mastered the arts of importing and exporting interactive images. Now your interactive image has been migrated and is ready to be used!

Need a refresher on how to display your interactive image on a page or post?

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