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Creating or editing Draw Attention images utilizes JavaScript. As it turns out, any JavaScript errors generated by your website can also cause JavaScript to crash and break Draw Attention’s interactive image editor. You may then notice that you are unable to edit or create interactive images successfully.

Often these errors are caused by another plugin or the theme in use. In time, the plugin or theme author may fix the issue. In the meantime, here is what you can do to get the interactive image editor page working again.

Confirm if there are JavaScript Errors

Using Google Chrome, navigate to the page where you can edit a Draw Attention image. Right-click anywhere on your site and click Inspect. Then, click on Console.

If there are any errors, you’ll see them listed there in the red text, along with a brief explanation. Sometimes this can give you some clue about which plugin is causing the problem. Narrowing down the culprit will assist in being able to determine the cause behind being unable to edit or create interactive images.

Disable 3rd Party Scripts

If you see JavaScript errors in the console while you’re on the page where you edit your Draw Attention images, then you can try disabling all 3rd party scripts on that page. If another plugin is enqueuing JavaScript on that page, you can stop it from adding the JavaScript. This will not affect any other page of your WordPress admin – just the page where you edit Draw Attention images.

While viewing the page to edit a Draw Attention image, add this to your browser’s URL bar at the end of the URL:


For example, if the URL is:

It would look like this after adding that code:

After entering that in your URL bar, hit Enter (Return) on your keyboard to load the page with this script. In turn, this will disable all other scripts.

Now attempt to edit your interactive image and see if it will successfully allow you to do so.

Use Plugin Detective

You may also choose to use the Plugin Detective plugin to assist with the troubleshooting process. This is a free plugin oftentimes utilized in our own troubleshooting process.

We have a guide that walks you through how to use Plugin Detective.

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