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While there isn’t a direct way to display an iframe in Draw Attention on its own, you can use this nifty plugin called Advanced iFrame. This plugin will allow you to include any webpage or content as a shortcode using an advanced iframe within your interactive image.

Embedding Advanced iFrame in Draw Attention Hotspots

Step 1: Install and Activate Advanced iFrame

Navigate to your WordPress Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and type in “Advanced iFrame”, or download the file from here and upload it.

Install and activate advanced iframe plugin.

Step 2: Create Advanced iFrame

Within your WordPress Admin Dashboard, click Advanced iFrame from the sidebar, and then Basic Settings to begin filling out the fields with your desired URL and settings.

Fill in desired settings for the advanced iframe.

Step 3: Generate Shortcode

After the information has been entered, click the Generate a shortcode for all the current settings button. This will generate a shortcode made just for you.

Advanced iFrame generate Shortcode

Step 4: Display the Advanced iFrame in Draw Attention

Copy and paste the shortcode to one of your hotspot’s more info areas. You should now be able to view and utilize the advanced iframe in interactive images.

Advanced iframe displaying in Draw Attention, another page

If you haven’t already, we would recommend displaying your interactive image first!

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