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Using Draw Attention, you can create nifty interactive images with awesome content. And, a neat way to do is by using FooGallery for embedding galleries within the hotspot content itself.

Read on to learn more about utilizing this nifty plugin; we promise it won’t disappoint.

Setting up FooGallery for Embedding Galleries

Step 1: Install & Activate FooGallery

First, start by navigating to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and clicking Plugins > Add New. Search up FooGallery and go ahead and install and activate.

Install and activate FooGallery

Step 2: Create your first Gallery

Head on over to FooGallery > Add Gallery within your dashboard.

You can create a gallery from your media library, or from another source. Once you’ve chosen your source, customize the gallery to your liking.

Create your Gallery

Step 3: Copy the FooGallery shortcode

After publishing the gallery, you will need to copy the shortcode. You are able to find this within the Galleries section of FooGallery within the Shortcode column.

Copy the shortcode

Step 4: Add the FooGallery Shortcode to your Hotspot

Open up your interactive image and scroll on down to the hotspot you wish to add the gallery to.

Once you’ve arrived to your destination, paste the FooGallery shortcode within the More Info box. Then, Save your changes.

You should now be able to view a beautiful gallery within your interactive image’s hotspot! Using FooGallery for embedding galleries within your hotspots is a sweet tool. Additionally, it makes it easy to organize and display your hotspot content.

FooGallery for Embedding Galleries within Draw Attention

Don’t forget to display your interactive image!

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