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At this time, Draw Attention doesn’t have a built-in feature for duplicating interactive images. But, this can be easily achieved with the Yoast Duplicate Post plugin. This nifty plugin allows you to duplicate an entire post and all of its metadata with ease. Cloning images with Yoast Duplicate is a breeze.

This can be especially useful for cases where you want:

  • The same interactive image settings, but with a different image and/or more info areas. This method
  • To create variations of the same interactive image with hotspots in the same locations.

Setting up Yoast Duplicate Post

Step 1: Install and Activate Yoast Duplicate Post

Head on to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and navigate to the Plugins section of the dashboard. Click Add New and enter “Yoast Duplicate” within the Search field, and install it to your site.

Once it’s installed, go ahead and activate it.

Install Yoast Duplicate Post

Step 2: Duplicate Post Settings

Visit Settings > Duplicate Post and navigate to the Permissions tab to enable the post duplication capability for Draw Attention.

Enable Draw Attention in Yoast Duplicate Post Settings

Cloning Images

Step 1: Cloning the Interactive Image

Visit the Draw Attention section of your WordPress Admin area. When looking at your interactive images, you’ll now see a new option. This option appears when you hover over the interactive image post and will appear as Clone.

Click Clone to start Cloning Images with Yoast Duplicate

Step 2: Update and Publish the Interactive Image

Visit the newly cloned image and make any updates you wish. The new interactive image remains as a Draft after the cloning process.

The interactive image is in draft mode after cloning

In order to display the interactive image on your site, you’ll need to Publish and make sure that the status no longer remains as a draft.

Publish the cloned image so it won't remain as a draft.

Don’t forget to display your interactive image!

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