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Looking to spice up your awesome interactive images with some interesting bells and whistles? Then look no further, for the Slide Anything plugin will allow you to create slideshows of images, shortcodes – anything!

Getting Started with the Slide Anything Plugin

1. Install & Activate the Slide Anything plugin

Start by heading to your WordPress Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and search up “Slide Anything”. Once you’ve located the plugin, go ahead with installing and activating it.

Install and Activate the Slide Anything plugin.

2. Create Your Slider

Within your Dashboard, navigate to SA Sliders and Add New Slider.

Navigate to SA Slider and click Add New Slider in the Slide Anything plugin.

3. Customize Your Slider

There are a variety of nifty settings available. Feel free to add some images, for starters, and play around with the options.

Slide Anything settings

4. Retrieve Shortcode from the Slide Anything plugin

Once you’re done designing your slider, publish it and locate the shortcode. You can then add this shortcode to any hotspot’s description area in your interactive Draw Attention image.

Slide anything shortcode added to Draw Attention description

5. Preview the Interactive Image

Take a look and admire your interactive image now featuring awesome sliders!

Slide anything slideshow appearing in Draw Attention hotspot description

Slideshow with Draw Attention Images

If you’re interested in making a slideshow consisting of Draw Attention images, this plugin will allow you to do so!

1. Create your Slideshow

Head over to WP-Admin area > SA Sliders and start by creating your new slider. Add your preferred Draw Attention shortcodes to each slide. This will allow you to create an entire slideshow of awesome interactive images.

Slide with Draw Attention shortcode

2. Enable Shortcodes

But before we can go ahead and save the slider, we need to enable a few settings first.

Within the Slider Settings, enable Allow Shortcodes.

Once you’ve done that, locate the Other Settings. Within Other Settings, enable the DOMContentLoaded event.

Enable DOMContentLoaded event

3. Display your Slideshow

After you have completed all of the above, you can now copy and paste the slider’s shortcode into any post or page you desire! Bask in the beauty of your hard work.

A slideshow of Draw Attention images

And, if you need a refresher on how to display your interactive images, please take a look at this nifty guide here.

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