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From time to time, plugins will run into the occasional snag where they conflict with another plugin or Theme. While there aren’t many that we are aware of, we’ll go over some of the confirmed and potential plugin and theme conflicts.

Plugin Conflicts


AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a plugin that allows browsers to load the site’s content quickly across all mobile devices. This also applies optimizations and best practices automatically to the site.

Unfortunately, the AMP feature disables JavaScript which is necessary for Draw Attention to work. In order to resolve this conflict, you would need to completely disable it from the whole site. Alternatively, you can also disable the AMP plugin for specific pages.

Image Optimization Plugins

Additionally, there may be Image Optimization plugins that defer JavaScript from loading properly. This can conflict with Draw Attention’s interactive images not functioning as it should. We would recommend taking a look at the image optimization plugin that’s currently installed on your site if you’re running into issues.

Within the settings, there should be an option to disable the plugin from deferring JavaScript, or disable the ability to minify JavaScript.

Learn more about what to do when images don’t load due to Image Optimization Plugins.

Theme Conflicts

Rowling Theme

You may see an error message in regards to an image not selected from the media library when using the Rowling Theme. This is due to a particular setting within the theme.

We would recommend heading on over to your WordPress Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Content Options and scroll to Featured Images. Within this area, select “Display on Single Posts”. This should then allow the interactive image to load.

Customizr Pro Theme

Currently there is a known conflict with the Customizr Pro theme, particularly with a specific setting. This setting is known as “Load images on scroll”.

To toggle this off, head on over to your WordPress Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Advanced Options > Website Performance and toggle off “Load Images on Scroll”. Once that has been accomplished, save and publish these changes. After doing so, visit the pages that your interactive images are embedded on to confirm it works.

Additional Plugin and Theme Conflicts

If you aren’t using any of the above plugins or themes, we would recommend using our Plugin Detective tool to narrow down potential plugin and theme conflicts.

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