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Sometimes excitement gets the best of us, and a foreboding error message appears that states: “you need to define some clickable areas for your image”. But, there is no need to worry; this just means an interactive image is being viewed with no hotspots.

Error: you need to define some clickable areas for your image. Edit image or edit interactive image.
The error in question

If you haven’t yet, learn how to create your first interactive image.

Getting Started

To make your first clickable area, you need to…

1. Expand the First Clickable Area Tab

Expand the first tab in the “Hotspot Areas” section.

Select the arrow on the clickable area to expand the hotspot

2. Draw your shape

If you created a polygon, you can use the edit tool to click and drag the points, or just click on a point to remove it.

[Drawing tool guide link here]

Draw the hotspot and click Save. If save is not clicked, then the hotspot will not appear.

3. Name the hotspot

Give the hotspot area a name by entering in the title.

Grant a name to the hotspot.

4. Publish or Update Your Interactive Image

Click the Publish/Update button in the upper right.

Publish or Update the interactive image. Make sure it is PUBLISHED.

5. Preview Image

View the image on the front end of your site.

Preview the image

Interested in learning more about what each setting does? Take a look at our interactive image editor guide.

But the error message still persists!

If you have defined clickable areas for your image, but are still seeing that you need to define some clickable areas, please check that:

  • The very first area has a shape drawn. Sometimes, it’s easy to skip the first area and to draw on other areas.
  • The interactive image is saved and the status is Published.
  • The interactive image isn’t Private.

Still stuck?

File a support ticket with our five-star support team to get more help.

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